eBay des Tages: High Five von Neve, API, GML, UREI…

Up for auction is a high five from ME and my Neve API UREI GML SSL studio… to YOU. No I‘m not kidding. Ive grown so tired of all the idiots on ebay spamming their gear with those buzz words I have decided to offer up my own percussion instrument for auction- as in a „high five“ (from Neve, UREI, GML, SSL API studio)!

What this auction includes-

Me, going where ever you are- no joke, and giving you a high five. The buyer will be responsible for shipping which will be expensive as I require FIRST CLASS tickets to the location and a Limousine to your front door. If you cannot afford the ticket and limo- do NOT bid. Shipping will be the actual cost of the first class ticket, round trip, and the limo round trip. Both of which will be chosen and booked by me.

What does this have to do with API, UREI, GML, SSL Neve etc? Well my studio uses gear manufactured by all those companies and apparently here on Ebay you can use that to market your Art Pro VLA (from Neve, UREI, GML, SSL API studio)… Or WHATEVER! So my hand, which I have used as a paid session musician to clap with (ie percussion/musical instrument) is a musical instrument… FROM MY Neve, UREI, GML, SSL API studio!

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