Der nächste Youtube-Star: Fred the Raver

Fred the Raver hat dank lässigen Dancen zu heftigstem Dubstep gute Chancen, ein neuer Star zu werden. Wer sich jetzt Sorgen um die Trommelfelle des Jungen macht, den beruhigt der Vater:

Not to worry, the music was not too loud. I have superimposed a small fraction of the original audio back into the file—the car isnt fitted with any big audio systems or anything. Also, the term ‚raver‘ is used lightly, because of the way he is dancing, and does not mean we are pushing him into any walk of life. (…) Some [YouTube commenters are] saying he’s, not dancing he’s having a seizure? (…) This is how he dances all the time to this music.

DasDAS via BB

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