John Leckie: The Making of Radioheads „The Bends“

John Leckie

John Leckie, einer der profiliertesten Produzenten unser Zeit und mitverantvortlich für Platten von Muse, The Fall, The Verve, XTC und viele weitere meiner Lieblingsalben gibt auf Gearslutz ausführlich Infos über vergangene Produktionen. Besonders inhaltsreich ist der Artikel zu Radioheads „The Bends“, eine der wichtigsten Platten der 90er:

When I worked with [Radiohead] it was totally absorbing day to day and we really ‚lived‘ the songs. I met them at a gig in Gloucester in early 1994, I think they were supporting James and then I had all the demos and I went to a rehearsal on fruit farm out in the wilds near Oxford. Sitting in the room were myself, two managers, A&R Parlophone UK and A&R Capitol USA all to hear the new songs. The band played 30 songs…all played with passion and lot of flaying of heads and hair. The object was to choose a single to record for follow up to Creep, which of course the band hated. All the songs they played were stunning and it was difficult to pick that ‚commercial hit‘. We settled on doing 4 songs being Nice Dream, The Bends, Just and My Iron Lung.

We then got the bus to RAK in London and set to work for what would take us nine weeks with just a few days off. I‘d worked before with Nigel [Goodrich] as my assistant on crazy projects like Denim and I knew RAK Studio 1 since it opened in 1978 when i produced The Skids and Bill Nelson. Its API, Studer and Neuman and nothings really changed there since 1978…its just got better and is always a place for music. However its not without its shortcomings and you do have to work hard to get a sound.

Monitoring was pretty shit being two Tannoy Golds in Lockwood cabinets hung high in front of you and all the frames rattled etc or we used the battered NS10s on desktop or my old B&W DM1200s. I probably recorded and mixed seven albums on those speakers and its a case of if you can make it sound good on them it‘ll sound good anywhere. Don‘t use them much now though.

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