Gotharman deMOON


Ab und zu kommen mir Geräte unter, bei denen ich sofort meine Kreditkarte zücken will – der deMOON aus dem Staate Dänemark ist so eins! Ein vierstimmiger Synthesizer mit Granulareffekt und optionalem Audio in für knapp 350EUR – super!

Affordable 4 note polyphonic filterbank synthesizer with build-in granulator and distortion effects, step-sequencer and note randomizer. Small and compact in size with a great sound. The headphone output and the step-sequencer makes it ideal to express your musical ideas everywhere, and store them in 128 memory locations.


The deMOON oscillator waveforms are continuously variable from triangle to saw to square or from triangle to saw to noise. The wave-shaping can be modulated from all sources, including the oscillator itself. All waveforms can be pulsewidth and pitch-modulated. The noise waveform can be pitched or unpitched. Unison mode with detune are availible. The oscillator section has it’s own two LFO’s and one envelope. The LFO waveforms are continuously variable from triangle to saw to square to pulse. The LFO’s can be both wave and rate-modulated.


The deMOON has four filters which are indepedently programable and each can be routed in serial or parallel to the others. Each filter can be set in lo-pass, band-pass or hi-pass mode. Cut-off, resonance and output levels can be modulated, and each filters output can be panned separately. The filter-section has it’s own two LFO’s (same types as descibed in the oscillator section), one envelope and one random-generator, that can be trigged from LFO1, LFO2 or midi note-on’s.


The minigran are a scaled down version of our deFormer’s granulator effect. It cuts the input up in small fragments, and reorder these fragments to create a totally different sounding output. While the deFormers granulator works in sizes of 100 seconds, deMOON’s minigran only works in sizes of milliseconds, so it is not very usable for rearranging beats. It’s more like that it rearranges the waveform, and makes it sound glass/bell/voice-like or very strange.


deMOON has five different types of distortion to choose from:

-GAIN: Not really a distortion. Just gains the sound. It is possible to gain the sound so it clips.

-VALVE: A digital model of a classic valve distortion.

-SINE: Sine shape distortion. Strange!

-FUZZ: A digital model of a classic fuzz distortion.

-XDIS: INSANE!!! Destroys everything.


A one-track monophonic type with a maximum of 32 steps. Note, velocity and controller sub-tracks. Tracks are „recorded“ by entering values for each step. Syncs to midi-clock.

Bisher gibt es den nur im Direktverkauf, doch wenn ihr Interesse vermeldet, können wir uns sicher ein Paar in den Laden stellen. Nutzt die Comments, um laut „Jaaaa“ zu schreien!

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  1. 1 DasDAS 16. Juli 2009 um 11:17 Uhr

    Update: Er klingt herrlich noisy & cheap:

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