Die 10 schlimmsten Songthemen

Love is a rose

Wer je mit 15 Jahren angefangen hat, Songtexte zu schreiben, wird sich zumindest 1-2 Mal in diesem Times-Artikel direkt angesprochen fühlen. Ich seh dich an, Spiegel!

6. Drugs are great / oh no, actually drugs are terrible and you shouldn’t do them, even though I have done and had a fantastic time.

If I went home after five pints of Carling Extra Cold and wrote a song about how great Carling Extra Cold was as its cool crisp tasting liquid soothed the fire in my ever-expanding belly, I’d be rightly dismissed as a dribbling pub rock bore with stale lager where my brain cells should be. But five grams of cocaine? A large sack of heroin? Feel free to impart thy wisdom from your travels down the road of excess!

And when you’ve milked that subject into a shrivelled old teat and finally kicked the habit, why not write some more songs comparing your drug addiction to a demonic possession, and warning us why we shouldn’t do what you’ve spent the last five albums glamourising? After all, wasn’t it the same Red Hot Chili Peppers who once wrote the paean to heroin that is Under The Bridge, then followed it up a few albums later with ‘Snow (Hey Oh)’ asking us to ‘listen to what I say’ on the evils of all things narcotic? Why, yes it was.


Aber es reimt sich,

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