Preview: EOS Reverb

EOS Reverb

Audio Damage, die PlugIn Schmiede um den Grumpy Audio Blogger Chris Randall und seinen Tech-Sidekick Adam haben ein neues Plugin draußen, den ENO-esken Hall EOS.

Eos consists of three high-quality custom-designed reverb algorithms, made with the modern production environment in mind. Two different plate simulators and our own Superhall algorithm give you a broad palette of reverb, and the easy-to-understand interface makes adjusting the algorithms to suit your track incredibly simple.

Want a traditional dark plate reverb? Eos can do that. How about a short, dense room sound for your drum buss? Not a problem. But where Eos really comes in to its own is when you drop Superhall on your piano or synthesizer tracks. The incredibly long modulated hall sounds of Eno-style ambience are where Eos thrives, something that is made of unobtanium with convolution ‚verbs. Quite simply, an impulse response can not do what Eos does.
» Three custom-designed algorithms: Plate 1 (mono in, stereo out), Plate 2 (true stereo), and Superhall (true stereo) built with modern production in mind.

» All standard reverb controls, including modulation rate and depth, attack, diffusion, and full control over the EQ and multipliers of the reverb tail.

» Infinite control for „freeze“ effects.

» Unique visual controls designed for quick and easy programming.

» Low CPU usage compared to other algorithmic reverb plug-ins, and far lower than the average convolution ‚verb.

» Full MIDI learn for hardware control of most parameters (VST only).

Das Reverb bietet praktisch instant-“Musik for Airports“ und könnte sich als Special-FX Reverb im PlugIn Rack etablieren, wenn ruhiger und epischer Klang gewünscht ist. Test bald hier.


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2 Antworten auf “Preview: EOS Reverb”

  1. 1 Lounge Musik 07. Juni 2009 um 14:05 Uhr

    Sehr schön! Die Einführung klingt schon verlockend! Bin auf den vollständigen Bericht gespannt!

    Schönen Wahl-Sonntag!

    ps. ich habe nicht die Piratenpartei gewählt:-))

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