Die Synthesizer-Abwrackprämie – 200EUR für eure alten Kisten


Was der Staat kann, können wir schon lang: bringt uns euren mindestens 9 Jahre alten Synthesizer, der zumindest noch ein paar Töne von sich gibt und ihr erhaltet 200EUR Rabatt auf jeden neuen Prophet 08!

Prophet 5

Arne motzt ihn auf und verkauft ihn teuer auf Ebay oder behält ihn selig lächelnd für sich selbst verschrottet eueren wunderschönen Analogsynth hässlichen alten Mist dann sachgemäß und könnt euch über die neue Hotness, die der fantastische Prophet o8 ist freuen!

The Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08 continues the evolution of a classic analog synth. The original Prophet 5 was one of the first programmable polyphonic analog synths, and its introduction shook up music production in the 1980s. Known for its great analog basses and strings, (as well as cool effects sounds), the original Prophet is analog synth vibe personified. The Prophet 08 brings you all that tasty, rich analog tone, with some new wrinkles thrown in for even more functionality and creative sound-shaping capabilities. A 5-octave keyboard with velocity and aftertouch, plus pitch and mod wheels round out the Prophet 08.

The Prophet 08 has eight voices with a classic 2-oscillator, 2/4 pole Curtis lowpass filter, VCA architecture, and 52 knobs to tweak. Prophet 08 goes well beyond the original Prophet by including Four LFOs, three envelopes, and a gated sequencer per voice. Each program has two layers, so the sounds can be easily stacked or split. A four-mode latchable arpeggiator is also included.

There are countless digitized imitations of analog synths out there, both in hardware and plug-in form. Many of them sound great, but nothing touches the real thing for true analog sound. Prophet 08 features an all-analog signal path and includeds an analog step sequencer. It looks like what you‘d want the newest Prophet to look like, with a black chassis, wood end caps, white graphics, and slim black knobs with silver caps. The pitch and mod wheels are black, and are mounted on the panel.

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08 Analog Polysynth Features:

* Eight voices
* Allanalog signal path
* VCA architecture
* 52 knobs
* Four LFOs, three envelopes, and a gated sequencer per voice
* Two layers per program
* 4mode latchable arpeggiator
* 5octave keyboard with pitch and mod wheels
* Red and amber LEDs
* Analog step sequencer
* Wood end caps

Wendet auch direkt an Arne, 040 4711 348 -12. Er hilft euch übrigens gern bei Reperaturen, Upgrades und Midifizierung alter Synthesizer.

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