Auch Radial bietet jetzt Serie 500 Module an – nützlich!

Radial Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce the new LB series of API compatible Lunchbox modules. According to Radial President Peter Janis: „For years, high-end studios have enjoyed the advantage of being able to patch-in various effects using a standard lunchbox rack when particular effects were needed. The advantage of this system is that because all of the effects share the same power supply and audio connections, switching modules is a simple matter of unscrewing two bolts and sliding in or out the desired module. This convenience is a natural for the ever growing project and pro-home based studio market. We intend to offer a complete range of modules over the next few years and are pleased to announce the first of them today.“

Radial JDV-LB™ Class-A Direct Box
The Radial JDV-LB is a unity gain, class-A direct box with a unique feed-forward circuit topology. By eliminating all negative feedback loops and subsequent phase cancellation, the audio remains absolutely pristine. The result is a natural open sound that is unmatched in the industry. To further dial-in the tone, Radial’s unique Drag Control load correction allows the user to replicate the effect of amplifiers and cables on the instrument and when disengaged, introduces a 4meg-Ohm input to properly mate with piezo pickups. This makes the JDV-LB an ideal interface for bass guitar, electric guitar and acoustic instruments. Other features include ground lift to reduce hum & buzz from ground loops, a signal pad to reduce the output level, 180° polarity reverse, low cut filter to reduce rumble and high-cut filter to eliminate noise from older equipment. Target price $349.

Radial PHZ-LB™ phase adjuster
The successful Radial Phazer has been ported over to the Lunchbox format to allow multiple Phazers to be assembled into a custom recording kit. The Phazer is a unique class-A analogue phase adjustment tool that allows the engineer to combine the sound of two sources such as microphones or direct boxes to create fuller more natural tones or introduce weird effects. This is particularly effective when combining two microphones on an acoustic guitar or kick drum where phase discrepancies may blur the signal. The PHZ-LB features a variable phase shift from 0° to 180° and equipped with a polarity reverse to capture the 181° to 360° cycle. To further focus the effects, a variable low pass filter may be engaged. Target price $299.

Radial JDX-LB™ Head and Cabinet direct box
The Radial JDX-LB is a combination loudspeaker cabinet emulator and direct box. Following the popular Radial JDX Reactor, the LB version is designed to connect between a guitar amplifier head and speaker cabinet to capture both the sound from the head plus the back-electromagnetic impulse from the loudspeaker via a reactive load. The signal is then processed via a proprietary filter that emulates the sound of a typical 4×12 guitar cabinet. To further enhance functionality in the studio, the JDX-LB features a high gain setting for 300W amplifiers and a low frequency extender for bass. The JDX-LB may also be used as a speaker cabinet emulator by feeding the instrument or a preamp directly into the circuit. Target price $299.

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