NAMM 2009: Arturia MiniMoog V2 und Brass V2

Arturia betreiben löbliche Produktpflege und bringen Brass und Minimoog auf Version 2 – kostenlos für registrierte User!

Minimoog V

Arturia, the company behind such products as the Jupiter-8V or the Origin, announced the release of the Minimoog V 2.0.

This new version of the award-winning emulation of the Minimoog synthesizer, includes:

- An advanced automation mode
- A revolutionary preset navigation system
- A new formant-analysis-based FX.
- Various improvements to the sound structure
- A fresh bunch of presets.

All together they open a wide and striking sound-palette along the known sonic universe from the Minimoog.

This upgrade will be free to all registered users.

BRASS, the award-winning software recreation of three wind instruments – a trumpet, a saxophone and a trombone –, is now coming in version 2.

All the characteristics of the real instruments have been analysed and modelled by Ircam Paris through mathematical algorithms, to offer extreme realism and expressivity.

In version 2.0, BRASS offers an entirely redesigned interface with major new features and improvements:

- New physical modelling of the saxophone
- Two new Saxophone mouthpieces
- Possibility to play four instruments at a time using a new Harmonization
- Advanced spatialization possibilities
- Improved MIDI control
- Better integration into DAW software.
- Entirely redesigned interface

This upgrade will be free to all registered users.


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