Freeware: EpicVerb

Bootsy, der Schöpfer feiner Freeware Plugs wie den NastyFX hat sein erstes Reverb gecodet:



The “epicVerb” reverberation device aims at both: Tight small room and ambience effect simulation well suited to modern drum and vocal productions up to large “epic” halls as known from high quality outboard gear. This reverbs sound ranges from rather concrete or even edgy up to smooth, transparent and artifact free reverb tails. It is designed for maximum flexibility and usability and to take place as a true high quality stereo main reverb.

“epicVerb” features two different reverberation modes and 6 different stereo early reflection models. There are some standard reverb controls like ‘TIME’, ‘DAMP’ or ’PRE-DELAY’ as well as reverb tail modulation and detailed control over very first reflection patterns as an option.

It offers different reverb time handling for high and low frequencies as well as a musical sounding EQ section containing two “BootEQ” equalizers and additional high- and lowpass filtering.

Spec and requirements


Die Einstellung der Effekte geht dank der klassischen Oberfläche gut zur Hand und man kommt schnell zu passend klingenden Einstellungen. Das liegt im besonderen an der EQ-Sektion, die genaues Einpassen des Sounds ermöglicht. Da ich Reverb immer mit einem EQ verseh, spare ich mir so einige Mouseclicks. Das Plugin klingt im positiven Sinne hyperreal, so dass ordentlich knallende Hollywood Snare-Hits schepperfrei möglich sind.
Damit hat das junge Jahr seinen ersten Freeware Epic Win!


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