Freeware: RIAA Curve & ADT Plugins


Feine Freeware zum Wochenstart: ein Plugin, mit man RIAA Entzerrung erreicht und so direkt vom Plattenspieler aufnehmen kann und eine „Artificial Double Tracking“ Tool zur Vocalanfettung.

You can‘t have a hardware box for everything…
ADT – Artificial Double Tracking

The ADT technique was developed at Abbey Road Studios by engineers recording the Beatles in the 1960s. To free John Lennon from having to sing everything twice for real double tracking they came up with an artificial replacement: they sent the original signal to another tape machine and re-recorded it. Due to the physical distance between record and playback heads the new signal was delayed. The length of the delay depends on the tape speed (the slower the tape is running the longer it takes for the signal to travel from the record to the playback head). However, due to the machine’s (small amounts of) Wow and Flutter the delay time was not fixed but varied slightly, giving an additional chorus-like effect.
The ADT Plug-In takes a mono input signal and creates a stereo output. The original input signal will be output on one channel the new ADT signal on the other. Blending the two is also possible. The Plug-In allows to control the delay time (10 – 50ms), Wow and Flutter (both with intensity in % and frequency). All values are based on the technical data of the tape machine that was originally used to create this effect. Take a look at a screenshot.

* ADT v1.0.5 (128.5 KB ZIP) – VST 2.4 Plug-In for Windows, including 64-bit support
* ADT v1.0.5 (103.2 KB ZIP) – VST 2.4 Plug-In for Mac OS X 10.4 (UB)
* ADT v1.0.5 (173.6 KB ZIP) – AudioUnit (AU) Plug-In for Mac OS X 10.4 (UB)

RIAA – phono equalization

This Plug-In provides normal and inverse RIAA equalization. It thus can be used for record playback or vinyl cutting purposes. Another nice trick is to use it to simulate certain ‚vinyl sound effects‘ by applying the inverse RIAA curve to your signal and after running it through a compressor converting it back to flat.
Works at the standard sample rates from 44.1kHz up to 96kHz.

* RIAA v1.0 (131.0 KB ZIP) – VST 2.4 Plug-In for Windows, including 64-bit support
* RIAA v1.0 (171.3 KB ZIP) – AudioUnit (AU) Plug-In for Mac OS X 10.4 (UB)


Its free and good!

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3 Antworten auf “Freeware: RIAA Curve & ADT Plugins”

  1. 1 Ken Leonard 10. März 2009 um 22:20 Uhr

    I grabbed both downloads and have tried them.

    There is a problem, first of all, that the GUI is (technically speaking) busted–the “Save preset”, “Delete preset” and “OK do it now” button-positions are all overlaid by the “OK” button-image so it’s pretty blipping difficult to use them.

    Then there’s the little problem that the ADT thingie reads only the Left channel and drops its effect output in place of the Right channel–thus destroying my stereo project when it should (I think) read my choice of channel and drop the channel+effect back in place of that channel.

    Plus the problem that the level controls are slider-only, with no way to just enter the specific level I want.

    And, finally, the problem that mode controls that ought to be _some_ kind of on/off, yes/no, A/B switches are doggone sliders of uncertain effect, like on-bit-mid-more-most or some such arrangement.

    All in all, both are too much trouble to keep in the library.

  2. 2 DasDAS 12. März 2009 um 13:07 Uhr

    Hi Ken,

    good review, thanks a lot!

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