AES 2008: Mutronics Impressor


Ahh, Hi-End Gear im edlen Finish von den Machern des Studiostandards „Mutator“. Ein Stereokompressor, der über einen ziemlich einzigartigen Attack/Release Modus verfügt. Dieser ermöglicht schnelle Grobeinstellungen, die dann über Einzelkontrollen justiert werden können. Sonst erinnert die Arbeitsweise an den API 2500, mein persönlicher Liebling auf dem Mixbus.

Since 1988 Mutronics have strived to reach the highest standards possible in the studio equipment market. The Mutator first impressed in the mid 1990s and we are always seeking to improve our products and give our customers the best possible results. Our second striking feature is unique to the Impressor. It is the Time Constant control. This enables the user to change the attack and release in relation to each other. It incorporates an RMS detector, which enables the two parameters to be switched in parallel. In addition to these two outstanding features we have added a button state memory to the Impressor lasting at least a week.
The Impressor is our new dual mono/ stereo switchable VCA compressor. There are a couple of features which set The Impressor apart from the crowd. In The Impressor’s side-chain we‘ve implemented two different operational modes; ‚Feedforward‘ and ‚Feedback‘.
‚Feedforward‘ mode gives a firm, punchy feel akin to compressors such as the Dbx 160, while ‚Feedback‘ mode gives the user opportunity to take a softer vintage approach calling to mind compressors of yore. The second striking feature is, as far as we know, unique to the Impressor. It is the Time Constant control which pertains to The Impressor’s RMS detector circuit. It enables the user to vary attack and release characteristics in a ballpark fashion, which can then be honed with the individual Attack and Release controls.

The Impressor represents 2 years of hard labour from our design and field test teams which really does mean World renouned producers and engineers. The Impressor has been out on the road for 12 months and has received praise from some of the world’s top engineers. Its sound quality stands it apart from the crowd, but is very comfortable competing with all comers.

Preis: 2000Pfund ohne Steuer, leider.

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