AES 2008: Abbey Road TG Mastering Plugins

Tg mastering

Ok, hier der erste AES-Vorab-Pflichtkauf für Plugin-Jünger: das TG Mastering Pack! Wer weiss, wie toll die Kompressor-Plugins klingen, wird nicht zögern, hier unbesehen zuzuschlagen.

The TG Mastering Pack provides authentic emulations of EQ and filter modules from the original EMI TG12410 transfer console. These consoles were custom-built for EMI’s studios and have been the centrepiece of Abbey Road’s mastering rooms for more than 30 years.

The TG12410’s Tone Control and Filter modules have become secret weapons of Abbey Road’s mastering engineers and these were studied and modelled to create the TG Mastering Pack. The plug-ins bring the smooth, musical sound of the original TG hardware to users of computer-based audio workstations.

The TG12412 is a four-band, semi-parametric EQ with selectable frequencies and curve shapes on each band. The Shape control provides the shelving and variable bell curves from the original module. The TG12414 provides a presence section and low- and high-pass filters. The presence section is the same as the presence EQ on the legendary TG12345 mixing console.
Key Features

* Four band semi-parametric EQ
* Selectable curve shapes on each band
* Presence band and variable low- and high-pass filters
* Exact replication of original TG controls
* Automation and control surface support
* Available in TDM, RTAS, AU and VST versions

System Requirements

Pro Tools 6.9 or higher or any AU/VST host
Mac OS X or Windows XP
iLok Smart Key and account

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