Sonalksis Mastering Suite

Sonalksis Mastering Bundle

Sonalksis lange angekündigte Mastering Suite geht in die Beta-Phase – ich bin mehr als gespannt, denn die Sonalksis-Entwickler sind schon Freunde seid den Anfangstagen des Service und wir lieben ihre Produkte. Macht euch auf ein schönes Bundle exzellenter Plugins gefasst!

The Sonalksis Mastering Suite

MultiLimit – Multiband Mastering Limiter

A superior processor for the most demanding mastering environment, with 5
independent frequency bands separated by linear phase crossovers providing eq
and dynamics functionality, proprietary true analogue quality clip/smoothing, program
maximizing limiter, dither, extensive frequency analysis features and K-metering.

MaxLimit – Maximizing Mastering Limiter
A program maximizing limiter with a unique true analogue quality clip/smoothing
option, K-metering and dither, all within a straightforward and intuitive interface.

StereoTools – Stereo Imaging Processor
A complete stereo imaging, metering and manipulation tool – with detailed visual
frequency, phase/positioning feedback and K-metering to aid set up and monitoring.

Ultimate-D – Ultimate Dithering

An end-chain mastering tool providing ‚dither‘ for digital resolution enhancement. The
processor uses advanced proprietary processing techniques to ensure unparalleled
resolution after quantisation.

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