Autotune Evo

Autotune EVO

Autotune geht in die nächste Runde und nimmt sich des größten Herausforderers, Melodyne an: die neue Evo-Version bietet unter anderem notenbasiertes Pitch-Editing.

What’s New in Auto-Tune Evo

While Auto Tune’s patented technology has always provided unmatched speed, accuracy, and audio quality, for Auto-Tune Evo, Dr. Andy’s gone back to the proverbial drawing board to create a seriously evolved voice processing technology that takes advantage of the hugely more powerful computers that are now the norm for digital audio recording.

The result is Evo™ Voice Processing Technology, offering powerful new features and capabilities along with pitch detection and correction that is substantially more accurate and reliable over a much wider range of audio input quality.
Key new Auto-Tune Evo features include:

General Features

Dramatically enhanced core technology: Evo™ Voice Processing Technology takes advantage of the power of today’s computers to provide powerful new features and enhanced tracking and correction capabilities.

Redesigned user interface: Continuing the process begun with Auto-Tune 5, we have again refined the Auto-Tune user interface to allow for smoother, more intuitive workflow.

Reorganized common controls: With the addition of the new pitch shifting, formant correction, and throat modeling capabilities, we have reorganized the common control area to ensure that all of the parameters used by both Automatic and Graphical correction modes are easily available at all times.

Ob das reicht, um den direct note access vom kommenden Melodyne zu übertreffen ist fraglich, doch klingt in meinen Ohren Autotune immer noch einen Hauch besser als Melodyne. Da mag vielleicht auch daran liegen, das man mit Melodyne aufgrund des genialen Interfaces sofort drastischere Eingriffe macht, als dem Material eventuell gut tut.

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