Studio Electronics Omega 8: WOW!

Omega 8

Kleider machen Leute, auch bei Synthesizern: der beliebte Omega 8 erscheint im Stanley Kubrick Outfit. Unglaublich schön!

what is this? it is art. it is light. it is glorious design brought to life by Antoine Argentieres, the man, who sagely let his fondness for Stanley Kubrick’s past century enigmatic odyssian vision of the future (and re-visioning of pivotal past events) inspire a house fit for the majestic voice and verve of the Omega8––a cathedral of transformation; the great work of the synth; a mind before matter mystical alignment of awareness: light and sound waves that reveal the ORION GALAXY, expanding and growing and luminous.

Jetzt vorbestellen, denn die Lieferzeit wird sonst astronomisch!

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