Arsenal Audio Update: History & Insiderinfos

Hier ein Paar Hintergrundinfos zu den neuen API/Arsenal Audio Geräten, die anscheinend auf APSI-Designs aufbauen, anstatt auf API:

I heard the EQ yesterday… it’s based on a Steve Crump [APSI… or as we used to call them APsI] design. There were a bunch of APSI EQ’s and I don‘t recall which one of the EQ’s this was based upon but I have to say I really [REALLY] liked the sound of the thing.

APSI was a New England based company [Cambridge, MA] that built desks, some of which held modules that were compatible with API 500 style modules [along with Angus… another New England based company that was a studio and desk manufacturer]. They had quite a good / solid reputation around these parts… though they never seemed to catch on nationally.

Early in my career I used to work for a sound reinforcement company in Cambridge called „American Speaker Systems“… APSI’s factory was next door so needless to say I have quite a bit of experience with APSI products [I did FOH on more than a few tours with that company… always with an APSI desk in front of me… until they built a pair of „arena rigs“ and switched to Midas consoles… which was mostly done for the „client recognition“ factor].

I only had about a 1/2 hour to play with it… tried it on various tracks within a rough mix [in other words I took a brief overview… it hasn‘t been under the microscope yet]… but so far I have really liked what little I‘ve heard.

They didn‘t have a mic pre to leave behind so I wasn‘t able to hear the pre… and their 500 series size EQ still needs a few tweezes but they said as soon as they have more than just proto-type units they‘d be sending stuff up for us to play with on a more detailed level.

I asked about the „made in China“ thing and they said „no“… but I didn‘t really take it any farther than that [and frankly I don‘t really care where it’s made as long as it sounds good].


Über APSI konnte ich folgendes herausfinden:

Another company, APSI, owned by Steve Crump built consoles from API modules and developed a graphic equalizer that API marketed until they designed and built their own graphic equalizer, the 560. Early APSI equalizers have the API logo on their front panel but were not built or designed by API.

(The History of API)

Also haben wir es mit einem neuen-alten Produkt zu tun und nicht mit einem runtergeschnittenen API-Produkt. Das macht mich nur noch heisser darauf, die Geräte auszuprobieren!

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