Freeware: 10GB Samples für eine bessere Welt


Die Initiative „One Laptop Per Child“, der wir den Kurbel-Laptop verdanken, weiss, dass Hardware allein nicht glücklich macht. Deswegen geben sie jetzt 10GB an Samples jeglicher Koleur für umsonst dazu.

Over 10GB of FREE Samples – for The Children of the World

Loops, Grooves, Licks, Stings, Hits, Pads, Melodic Motives/Themes/Phrases, Sound-Effects, City and Country Soundscapes, Motors, Machines, Toys, Guns, Explosions, Swords, Armor, Cars, Jets, Pot & Pans, Acoustic and Synthetic Noises, Acoustic and Electronic Drums, Voices, Western and World Instruments, Real and Human Animals, Industrial and Natural Ambiences, Film and Game Foley, and more, more, more! This huge collection of new and original samples have been donated to Dr. Richard Boulanger @ specifically to support the OLPC developers, students, XO users, and computer and electronic musicians everywhere. They are FREE and are offered under a CC-BY license for downloading and use in your teaching, your demos, your research, your music, your remixes, your songs, your games, your videos, your slideshows, your websites, and your XO activities. Each of the 7000+ samples is 16-bit, WAV, Mono, normalized to -3dB, and provided at 3 sample rates – 44.1K, 22.5K and 16K.

Die Samples sind für jeden frei erhältlich, der die 10GB laden kann. Doch wofür gibt es Bittorrent?

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