AES Amsterdam: Soundfield SPS 200

SPS 200 Soundfield

Die 5.1 Aufnahmetechnik von Soundfield gibt es jetzt auch in einem Minisystem für Fieldrecording und Konzertaufnahme. Das wird bestimmt viele Freunde finden wird.

SPS 200 Software

The new SPS200 A-Format microphone brings the advantages of
SoundField Technology to a wider audience and provides the
perfect ‘front end’ to capture both stereo and 5.1 surround. It is
ideally suited to those working in the field on laptop based recording
systems or in the studio on fully fledged Digital Audio Workstations.
The SPS200 A-Format microphone uses the same established
SoundField multi-capsule technology as the high-end models in the
SoundField range. This relatively lightweight microphone
(approximately 220grams) is powered by standard 48v phantom
power and incorporates four low noise, studio grade condenser
capsules. A short break-out cable outputs the SoundField A-Format
at mic level on four balanced XLRs, ensuring compatibility with all
The SPS200 A-Format microphone is the first SoundField
microphone that does not require an accompanying control unit. All
the processing – such as the A to B-Format conversion, stereo and
surround sound decoding/manipulation – takes place in software
which comes packaged as standard with the SPS200 A-Format
microphone. There are two plug-ins: “SoundField Conversion
Lounge” takes care of the A to B-Format conversion and the
“SoundField Surround Zone” looks after all the aspects associated
with the stereo and surround sound decoding and manipulation.
The software is currently available for Pro-Tools HD and all
platforms supporting VST-Multichannel such as Nuendo, Cubase,
Soundscape, etc. on both PC and MAC platforms.

Preis UVP: 3273EUR

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