Neumann TLM 67

Neumann TLM 67

Neumann U67 – wer einmal dieses Mic verwendet hat, dem werden jetzt Tränen in die Augen steigen und unbeherrschte Zuckungen zum Geldbeutel plagen: Neumann re-issued das 67 als TLM (Transformer-less) Version!

The TLM (transformer-less microphone) 67 will be on show at AES Europe alongside the Solution-D microphones, KMD miniature mics, and other products drawn from the Neumann portfolio.

A TLM 67 will be awarded to one entrant in each of the three categories that test participants‘ knowledge of musical history since the mid-20th century. The competition relating to music in the 1950s is already underway at the dedicated 80th anniversary website (, with challenges concerning the 1970s and today’s music scene set to open on 2nd June and 1st August, respectively.

„Eighty years of our company’s history also stands for eighty years of famous songs and singers from all over the world using our microphones,“ Neumann Berlin’s president marketing/sales, Wolfgang Fraissinet, says. „We want people to think about their first love songs and songs they liked when they were younger – the kind of things you remember when you think about nice music from within your lifetime.“

Regarding the TLM 67 – making its formal debut at AES Europe – Fraissinet reveals that it „basically has the shape of the old U67 but with a different content. The U67 was a tube microphone, but this new TLM has a special circuit which creates the typical sound of the old U67 tube mic. It also features a special colour so that it can be easily distinguished from a regular U87 or U67, and carries a special metal emblem showing Georg Neumann [to reflect] the company’s 80 years.“

Among the other products on display will be the Solution-D family of digital mics – recently joined by the TLM 103 D – and the KM D series of miniature digital mics.

„It will be a very nice approach for an 80-year-old company to show that it is still looking forward and standing for technological leadership as far as the microphone world is concerned,“ concludes Fraissinet.

Natürlich hat es technisch wenig mit dem Original-67 gemein, so fehlt die Röhre und der der Transformer. Inwieweit das intrigate Kapseldesign sich auch in diesem Mic wiederfindet, ist noch nicht bekannt. Etwas cheezy ist der Georg Neumann Kopf auf dem Mic, der mich an alte Deutschmark erinnert.

Auf gibt es drei TLM 67 zu gewinnen – ich bin schon dabei!

Alfred E. Neumann,

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4 Antworten auf “Neumann TLM 67”

  1. 1 Jan 08. Mai 2008 um 23:07 Uhr

    Ja sach die Lösung! Künstler und Lied!

  2. 2 DasDAS 09. Mai 2008 um 11:17 Uhr

    Naaaaa, ich will ja selbst so ein Mic haben! ;-)

  3. 3 Stevie 15. Mai 2008 um 4:13 Uhr

    *sing* Ich weiß es, ich weiß es ;)

  4. 4 DasDAS 15. Mai 2008 um 9:30 Uhr

    Wehe du erzählst es weiter! :-)

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