Fight Club Frühlingsedition


Der Frühling sorgt für Aufruhr in der Audiowelt – willkommen im Fightclub!

Runde 1: Roger Nichols vs. Roger Nichols Digital

Roger Nichols führt Krieg gegen seine ehemalige Firma Roger Nichols Digital:

Reinhold Probst at and his machinations do not represent me, my views or the views of my companies Roger Nichols Digital or RNDigital. I will support existing plug-ins as well as I can, but under the circumstances and due to complications as a result of legal action, the scope of my involvement will be limited for the time being.

Guided by integrity, right action and with the continuing support of family and friends, I look forward to many more years of participation in the exciting field of audio, as well as mentoring the next generation of ideas and the people who dream them up.

I would like to sincerely thank the many customers, and colleagues who have supported my effort in this and other creative endeavors over the last four decades of my career in audio, and ask for your patience during this difficult transition period.

For questions or more information please e-mail to:

Das trotz dieses Battles RNDigital weitermachen und neue Plugins veröffentlichen (siehe den Iphone-esken D1 Compressor unten), stimmt doch hoffnungsvoll, dass ihre großartigen Produkte weiterhin Support erhalten.

via protoolerblog

Runde 2: Peluso vs. BeesKneez

Der frohen geleakten Nachricht, dass ein John Peluso Preamp kommt, folgte schnell die Ernüchterung:

Hi all, first time post but i thought I‘d better give you some inside information. The Para 1 is designed by BeesNeez and only BeesNeez. The affiliation with Peluso is over. No work on the pre was ever undertaken by Peluso (USA). The Pre uses sub miniature JAN tubes and is beautifully simple. Where it is different is the texture control. It allows the user to create the right balance of 2nd and 3rd harmonic dist as well as being able to control the gain and level. It makes for a very versatile unit. There you go, straight from the horses mouth.

Das wär ja noch schön und gut, doch der Chef von, die Peluso im Programm haben, antwortete:

Just to be clear on this situation, the concept of the harmonic (texture) controls on this pre-amp was the original idea of John Peluso. Peluso has been building hand-built pre-amps (one-offs for engineers) with this harmonic feature for almost 25 years.

Was Beeskneez nicht auf sich sitzen ließ:

Well i can see who you‘ve been chatting with!!! However this is not true. I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT because i spent over 2000 hours designing it from scratch with no help what so ever from JOHN. If you want some proof, ask john how it works, ask him for the scratchings and workings on the design, ask him to draw it for you freehand. It is a really sad thing when your work becomes poached. I can give you all of the above, all of the scratchings, 122 different schematics (some worked, some didn‘t). Better still, call and ask mary Peluso if john designed the preamp or the texture control (Mary is a beautiful and honest person). Ask John for some photo’s of the 1 off pre’s with the texture control !!! (i am sure over the last 25 years he must have some photos of his preamps with the texture control) Sorry if i am sounding so passionate but i spent 2000 hours away from my beautiful wife and children last year and i won‘t have it credited to another. If however a Peluso preamp hits the market and it has a texture control then 2 things will happen (1) China (2) Lawyers. My name is Ben Sneesby (BeesNeez)

Bei all dem Gebattle bin ich jetzt mehr als interessiert an dem Preamp und hoffe, dass er bald erhältlich ist – sobald es News gibt, meld ich mich!

Runde 3: Stanton vs. N2IT vs. Native Instruments

Doch auch Gutes gibt’s zu berichten: Stanton, N2IT (die ursprünglichen Patenhalter) und Native Instruments haben sich nach langwierigem Streit über Anerkennung und Verwendung von Patenten für Vinyl Timecode geeinigt, wie CMD ausführlich berichtet. Native Instruments kann jetzt sein Traktor Scratch weiterhin betreiben, während Stanton ohne Software dasteht.

Das war’s für heute und denkt daran: First rule about Fight Club – you tell everyone you heard on DAS!


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