Musikmesse 2008: Level-or


The Level-Or design is based on the classic Shure Level-Loc, a PA limiter that has been popularized as a funky, trashy effect on drum room mics. While the Level-Or can do the same thing as the Level-Loc, it can also do much more. A toggle switch on the front panel allows the user to change the Level-Or from „Level“ mode to „Crunch“ mode.

In „Level“ mode, the Level-Or behaves like a Level-Loc, with a cool, funky limiting sound that is great on drum room mics and loops. We have added a release switch that allows the user to cut the release time in half compared to the original Level-Loc release time. We have added an output control, so the level going to tape (or DAC, etc.) can be adjusted as needed.

In „Crunch“ mode, the sound of the unit is dominated by the distortion generated due to the Class A output stages being limited by their relatively low supply voltage. Sweeping the input level can result in an amazing array of tones that sound great on many different sources. So far, we have loved it on bass (synth and real), acoustic drums, and drum loops/electronic beats.

Unlike the original Level-Loc, which can be difficult to interface into a studio environment; the Level-Or has been designed to work with line level inputs and outputs. We have also added a 1/4″ line input to the front panel.

Wieder was Feines für die Lunchbox!


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