Deswegen ist Gearslutz Gearslutz

Weil es manchmal eben um mehr als Geräte geht:

Originally Posted by Bob Olhsson
„What’s Going On“ was 9 violins, 4 violas and 3 cellos doubled. We undermixed the violas just a tad to balance it out better.

The violins and violas were recorded to one track with a bit of 7.5 ips delayed, live chamber added and the 3 cello mikes were recorded to a second track with an EMT driven by the other side of the same 7.5 ips 2 track Scully. Both echo sends were also high-passed at 150Hz.

More reverb was added in the mixes.

It was a great session, Marvin broke down in tears when the strings came in.

Soul Strings

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