No Sympathy for the Record Industry

We were taken to meet the boss – Morris Levy, a Jewish record company executive with lots of Italian friends. His office was long, with his desk at one end on a dais. We arrived and Morris was standing mid-office. His hands were round the collar of a slightly built black guy, lifting him off the floor, shaking him furiously. ‚You fucking black cocksucker. You promised to make me a hit record and you screwed up.‘

The little black guy was shuddering from top to toe of his shaken body. Then we recognised him.

It was Mickey Stevenson, for God’s sake! One of the top black producers in the world. He‘d written ‚Dancing in the Street‘ for Martha and the Vandellas and produced ‚What Becomes of the Brokenhearted‘ for Jimmy Ruffin. Now he was being shaken to death. When Morris realised we‘d come into the room he let go of Mickey, who fell to the floor like an empty sack. While Morris motioned us to chairs, Mickey crawled to the door and fled.

‚So you want to make some records for me?‘ Morris boomed. Ray and I eyed each other awkwardly. What we‘d seen seemed accurately to portray how the American music business dealt with people who failed.

Das ist ein Auszug aus dem hervoragenden Artikel von Simon Napier-Bell, dem Manager von u.a. Wham und den Yardbirds. Er beschreibt die Praktiken der Plattenmogule über vier Dekaden überaus amüsant, doch mit genügend Schärfe. Hier ein Gespräch zwischen Bob Dylan und Dick Katz von CBS:

Eighteen months previously there had been publicity about Jewish-born Dylan becoming a born-again Christian. He‘d made a couple of albums full of evangelical zeal but they‘d bombed. Now his contract had come up for renewal. Dick especially didn‘t want to have this conversation in front of me. He took the call anyway.

To begin with, it wasn‘t too interesting but then Dick yelled, ‚I‘ve told you, Bob – no fucking religion! If you can‘t agree to that, the deal’s off …‘

Bob was arguing the point but Dick was having none of it. ‚Look, I‘m telling you. There‘ll be no fucking religion – not Christian, not Jewish, not Muslim. Nothing. For God’s sake, man – you were born Jewish, which makes your religion money, doesn‘t it? So stick with it, for Christ’s sake. I‘m giving you 20 million bucks – it’s like baptising you, like sending you to heaven. So what are you fucking moaning about? You want 20 million bucks from us? Well, you gotta do what we tell you. And what we‘re telling you is … No Torah! No Bible! No Koran! No Jesus! No God! No Allah! No fucking religion. It’s going in the contract.‘

No Sympathy at all,

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