NAMM 2008: AKAI XR20


Zeitgleich mit dem AKAI-Godzilla kommt der kleine Mothra auf den Markt. Leicht und Batterie-gepowert kann man damit ähnlich der MPC 500 unterwegs produzieren.

Over 700 pre-loaded sounds, and an integrated effects engine for Reverb, EQ and Compression put you in full control of your beat production. A microphone input is even included for mixing vocals with your patterns. Brilliant backlit pads provide visual cues for added beat precision.

The XR20 features sounds of standard and electronic drums, single (one-shot) hits, bass and synth sounds to easily create your maximum mix in minimal time.

* Backlit LCD
* Bright, glowing, backlit pads that follow the beat
* Microphone input and Headphone output
* Pattern Play Mode – Different patterns can be triggered from individual pads
* Drum Roll / Note Repeat feature for realism and expression
* Battery Power capability and AC Adapter

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1 Antwort auf “NAMM 2008: AKAI XR20”

  1. 1 Borris32 30. Januar 2008 um 4:13 Uhr

    Ha ha….The akai xr20 has got to be akai’s worst release yet! I tried it out at namm and was not impressed! Sorry akai better luck next time!

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