NAMM 2008: Access Atomizer

So, jetzt brauch ich auch so einen Flockensynth: Access bauen einen Realtime-Audioslicer in ihre Virus TI/Snow Synthesizer ein, und das für lau mit einem der nächsten OS-Updates! Wie cool ist das denn?!?!?!

Access Music shows a technology preview of Atomizer on the winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California. Atomizer allows you slice and dice audio in realtime using a MIDI keyboard. Ser effects were made famous by artists including Aphex Twin, Trentemoeller, Squarepusher, BT and many others. In order to create those effects they either had to chop audio regions by hand or use semi-automatic plug-ins (which don‘t necessarily give you a great deal of control since they are intended to create random results). Atomizer works in a totally different way — once sync‘ed to tempo you can play those slices in realtime, so you can virtually chop up your singer’s voice while he’s performing or add unique effects to your DJ set. You can record the slicing process into your sequencer and edit it later along with the rest of your song. You can remix in realtime as well, with the modulation wheel becoming an intelligent cross-fader, while the pitch-wheel lets you change the pitch by approximately 4 octaves. And there are tons of effects including sample rate and bit rate reduction algorithms which, again, can be used in realtime and become a part of your performance.

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