Rock Band: We just don‘t get it

Rock Band

Rock Band, der Nachfolger von Guitar Hero ist draußen und wird wohl einer der Weihnachtsknaller schlechthin.

Rock Band allows players to perform in virtual „bands“ by providing up to four players with the ability to play three different instrument-based peripherals (a guitar peripheral for guitar and bass guitar sequences, a drum peripheral, and a microphone). These instruments are used to simulate the playing of rock music by hitting scrolling notes on-screen. Players using next-gen consoles can interact through both online and offline multiplayer capabilities. In addition to the songs shipping on the game disc, potentially hundreds of new tracks will be made available as downloadable content. The European version will include localized content for the different countries in the region, both downloadable and on disc.

Wozu das führt, zeigt die Southpark Episode „Guitar Queer“ in schonungsloser Deutlichkeit:


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