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Unsere Freunde von Safe Sound UK beglücken uns mit einem fetten neuen Kompressor, der unter anderem „New York Style“ Kompression bietet. Wer schon den genialen P1 kennt, der weiss schon um die wunderbare Klangqualität und die umfangreichen Features, die Safe Sound bietet. Unser Tipp für kreative Dynamikbearbeitung!

Safe Sound Audio’s first product, the P1 analogue processor, has gained a strong reputation in music studios for its open sound and very smooth multi-sideband ‘peakride’ compressor. The new ‘Dynamics Toolbox’ is a line level, dual channel stereo-linkable version which preserves the purity and warmth of its predecessor and adds a whole set of new features including a second dynamic tracking compression mode and the fabled ‘New York’ parallel compression with built-in sideband EQ all in one 2RU x 19” package.

Switchable compressor formats
Peakride compression uses three linked sidechains each with different ratio, attack, andrelease characteristics, which in tandem allow for very musical dynamic control of source material, especially on vocals and acoustic instruments which can often suffer badly from over compression in an effort to bring fast transients under control. Peakride compression is very easy to dial in when tracking and evens out levels in a very musical way without robbing the sound of life, so bringing the performance a new energy whilst remaining transparent and not sounding overly effected.
Dynamic tracking compression was developed primarily for use during stereo submix and final mix duties. It allows the attack and release times set by the user to be dynamically modified by analogue processing which tracks the dynamic content of the audio material being processed. It’s capable of working in two very distinct ways; with moderate settings of ratio and attack time, and set to auto release, it helps quickly glue elements of the mix together, but push into fast attack and short release time territory and you have access to a real in your face compressor which can pump and fizz drum tracks and anything else which needs some added character.

New York Compression
‘New York Compression’ became a trademark sound of many New York based mixingengineers and uses a form of parallel compression which mixes in a small amount of very heavily compressed stereo submix, usually drums or rhythm guitars, back into the main uncompressed submix. The beauty of this technique is that since you have full control of the blend between compressed and uncompressed submix strands, you retain the timbre
and dynamics of the original submix whilst adding gritty texture via the heavily compressed element. We thought it would be nice to offer this feature ‘right out of the box’ rather than having to set up separate aux busses in your mixing console or DAW. The Dynamics Toolbox provides a fully variable blend between dry (uncompressed) and wet (compressed) audio, can be used with the compressor or limiter, and offers New York compression in both mono and stereo modes of operation. Parallel compression also has other ‘more gentle’
uses particularly as a subtle form of ‚bottom-up‘ compression widely used in classical music.

Compressor sideband
Reaching further into the toolbox you’ll find sweepable hi and lo pass sidechain filterswhich add huge flexibility to both compression modes so you can easily add low end punch into the mix and dial in top end sparkle and air on demand. If that’s not enough then the balanced sidechain insert and listen facilities allow additional sidechain processing to be added and monitored.

And a brand new limiter design
A new variable threshold limiter combining programme related elements of ‘look ahead’dynamic threshold control with dynamic adjustment of attack time. Again a tool with a dual personality; very fast clipping protection when tracking but also very useful as acreative tool in its own right during mixdown.

Fully stereo linkable
The two channels are fully linkable with channel 1 controlling all dynamics functions in ‘link’ mode, so there’s no need to match left and right settings manually. To the mix we’veadded VU level and gain reduction metering which can operate at nominal levels of +6dBu during tracking, or +18dbu during mixdown and mastering, so optimising noise floor and headroom for the job at hand.
Another trick in the box

With many recording systems now offering +24dBu audio handling capability we decided to go one better and designed the Dynamics Toolbox’s electronically balanced output stage to handle +27dBu signals, so typically 3dB of additional headroom above most prostudioset ups.
Plugging in one of the optional classic output transformers from Lundahl, Sowter, Jenson or Cinemag, whilst retaining the same +27dBu high signal handling capability, opens up a whole additional palette of tonal shaping for the professional audio engineer.

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New York, New York!

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