SSL verschenken ein tolles Meter, welcher Inter-Sample Peaks erkennt.

X-ISM is a state of the art VST/AU plug-in which can interpret inter-sample peaks, allowing engineers to make informed judgements about the resultant sound quality of the mix.

There is currently a trend in the in the audio industry known euphemistically as ‘The loudness war’ in which the engineering process is driven to produce a product which is as loud as is technically possible within the constraints of the medium. Debate rages as to whether this produces problems that degrade and distort the audio. One reason for this distortion is often blamed on the presence of ‘inter-sample peaks’, where signals that are usually missed by the Fs sampling of DAW meters, may actually exceed 0dBfs in reconstruction from digital to analogue domain in some Digital to Analogue Converters (DACs).

Wer also gerne laute Mixe haben möchte, doch dabei sicher gehen will dass die Abspielgeräte nicht clippen (siehe Californication), der kann sich mit diesem schönen Tool versichern.

Danke SSL!

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