Neve Genesys

Sexy Beast:

„Genesys‘ initial configuration includes 16 channels of mic/line preamps, 16-channel DAW monitoring, 16-channel analogue summing at mixdown, eight auxiliary buses, eight group buses, two main outputs, four effects returns, comprehensive metering, 5.1 monitoring, two cue mixes, talkback services and internal power supply. There is also DAW control for packages including Pro Tools, Logic and Nuendo.

The console can be expanded to over 60 channels in a straight or articulated frame, with options including motorised fader automation, recall, mastering-grade A/D and D/A converters, digitally controlled EQ and dynamics, and remote mic amp control.“

Neve haben sich da einen SSL900 Killer gezimmert. Hier gibts mehr Infos und schicke Flashanimationen.

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