Korg Kaossilator

In other news: der Kaossilator von Korg wurde geleakt, was schon die Runde durch die Blogs machte. Herrlich die Google Translator Übersetzungen der deutschen holperigen Produktinfo, der sich die Kollegen von Music Thing bedienen mußten:

The KORG KAOSSILATOR is a new cliche Synthesizer in the vest pocket format with famous KORG Synth sounds and performance possibilities, which inspire abslout. The KAOSSILATOR is served over its touch-sensitive PAD, with which one can fire a rich treasure at Synthesizer sounds. The horizontal axle steers the pitch, during one along the vertical axle parameter such as filter frequency, feedback, modulation intensity, etc. affected. With this new, creative beginning music makes fun above all correct. In the hand turning one enriches a volume Gig or a DJ set with driven off sound explosions. Even musical beginners can freshly, impudently and freely make music with the KAOSSILATOR.

Die Jungs von der De:Bug haben die tighten Fachinfos.

Isch bin ein Berlinä,

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