Wie man den Myspace Player gut klingen läßt


Chrisj von Airwindows Mastering hat ein hübsches Plugin names SpaceOdyssey entwickelt, mit dem man den Sound des Myspace-Player gehörig aufbohren kann:

„What my plugin (called SpaceOdyssey :D ) does is this: it defaults to giving you a brickwall filter at 11.025K. It does it in a slightly fancy way- the cutoff is a bit softer for loud sounds than it is for faint sounds, which gives better depth and warmth without losing detail- but that’s basically all it is for anyone wanting to pre-process stuff for MySpace.

But then, you get two more options- either just ‚chop‘ the sample rate (by a sample-and-hold every other sample) on the source audio (FULL aliasing, very familiar it should sound!) or, chop the sample rate on the processed sound with the brickwall. The interesting thing is, even though there’s no aliasing, you still get a brightness effect off the latter, sounding very like the MySpace player, because I don‘t think it’s really handling the lowered sample rate quite right. I think it might be playing into a 44.1K buffer.

What this means is, you can take your nice music and ‚master‘ it into a MySpacelike audio shrapnel, until you‘ve done the best you can with it- and then switch over to the very high quality brickwall at 11K with no ‚chopping‘ to produce the audio for your mp3. Then it sounds nicer (and has more bit rate for the midrange, spending none on super highs) and is all ready to be ‚chopped‘.“

Für nur 15EUR ist es fast schon Freeware ;-)


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