Der Beste Gearslutz-Thread ever!

Stupidest things you have ever heard during a session
Warnung: dieser Thread sorgt für Lachkrämpfe und anhaltende Unproduktivität!

„We‘ve been playing these songs for almost a year, and I just noticed the bassist isn‘t playing any of the songs in the same key.“

„Whoa, I could never hear the vocals before today; it sounds like our lead singer’s grunting out a turd or something.“

[After a 7 minute plus, freeform acoustic jam:] „You can just all quantize that, right?“

ROCKER: It sounds like the toms are exploding!
ENGINEER: Actually, that’s just your drummer hitting our mics constantly.

„Yo, we‘re makin‘ you rich today, homie.“

„Man, the vocals suck. It must be the Neumann. Tomorrow I‘m bringing in my 58 to record with.“

„Dude, I love that warm analog tape sound we‘re getting today . . . What? You recorded it digitally? Oh, in that case, it sounds too glassy.“


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